body economic The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills

The Body Economic is the first, agenda-shaping, look at the human costs of financial crisis – the culmination of ten years’ work by two pioneering researchers – Sanjay Basu and David Stuckler.

The global financial crisis has had a seismic impact upon the wealth of nations. But we have little sense of how it affects one of the most fundamental issues of all: our physical and mental health. Stuckler Publication Date: 21 May 2013. Buy the book.

stucklerAt a seminar at the University of Edinburgh in March 2013 David went into more detail of the content of his book and expressed his real deep concern.

Politicians have talked endlessly about the seismic economic and social impacts of the recent financial crisis, but many continue to ignore its disastrous effects on human health—and have even exacerbated them, by adopting harsh austerity measures and cutting key social programs at a time when constituents need them most. The result, as David Stuckler will discuss in this talk (based on his book, with Sanjay Basu, of the same title), is that many countries have turned their recessions into veritable epidemics, ruining or extinguishing thousands of lives in a misguided attempt to balance budgets and shore up financial markets. In this talk, David will argue that sound alternative policies could instead help improve economies and protect public health at the same time.

BMJ front cover The assault on universalism: how to destroy the welfare state. BMJ Christmas 2011.

Martin McKee and David Stuckler watch aghast as American examples are followed to destroy the European model of the welfare state.

Christmas is a time to count our blessings, reflecting how they came to be. For people living in England this reflection is more relevant than ever, as the coalition government paves the way for the demise of the welfare state. This statement will be seen by many as reckless scaremongering. The welfare state, not only in Britain but also throughout western Europe, has proved extremely resilient. How could any government bring about such a fundamental change? Read more.

ChavsChavs: The Demonistation of the Working Class. Owen Jones.

Publication Date: 1 May 2012 In modern Britain, the working class has become an object of fear and ridicule. From Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard to the demonization of Jade Goody, media and politicians alike dismiss as feckless, criminalized and ignorant a vast, underprivileged swathe of society whose members have become stereotyped by one, hate-filled word: chavs. In this acclaimed investigation, Owen Jones explores how the working class has gone from ‘salt of the earth’ to ‘scum of the earth. This updated edition includes a new chapter exploring the causes and consequences of the UK riots in the summer of 2010. Buy the book.

globalisation of povertyThe Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order

Michel Chossudovsky takes the reader through an examination of how the World Bank and IMF have been the greatest purveyors of poverty around the world, despite their rhetorical claims to the opposite. These institutions, representing the powerful Western nations and the financial interests that dominate them, spread social apartheid around the world, exploiting both the people and the resources of the vast majority of the world’s population. (Page 3 – The Regan and Thatcher era, harsh austerity measures resulted in the gradual disintegration of the Welfare State.) Read more.